Monday, September 22, 2008

Exercise # 20 EBOOKS

First I went into the Amazon site and looked for 'Swiss Family Robinson'. I was amazed to find that copies could not only be had of the book, but also on dvd, video and on record. Yes, copies of new and used LP records are available! This site is very easy to use. I also watched the video on Kindle, their wireless reading device. It was explained very clearly. For just $US9.99 you can buy a book and it will be delivered in minutes. The device is only 10.3 ounces in weight, so lighter than a lot of books and easy to keep in your bag. If you come across a word you don't know, there is an inbuilt dictionary. If you need larger print, it is there at a touch of a button. There are many other features to this excellent piece of equipment. I was very impressed.
Librivox was also very user friendly. I listened to a chapter from 'Northanger Abbey' and if I had had time would have listened to more.
This has been an interesting exercise, but in conclusion, I will have to say that I prefer to curl up with my ordinary book. After all, will the person next to me want to listen to my choice?

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