Monday, September 22, 2008

Get Social - My Space and Facebook

As I had never been into these sites, I watched the video 'How Stuff Works - Facebook'.
These seem to be very popular sites with young people. They enjoy communicating online whereas I would rather talk to people in the flesh. All this communication through computers, although very clever, means that people are not socializing as we are meant to.
Bebo is a very busy site and I got the impression that it is great for younger people. I brought up a video of Dolly Parton in concert. The Auckland City Libraries have a good site, particularly for children. The Rotorua Public Library has a very colourful site and I enjoyed looking around that more. It is better laid out. Information included the Dewey Decimal Classification, which is good for the public to see. My Space was an interesting site - I looked up John Rowles and got lots of info plus saw a video from Opera in the Park back in 1997. Also looked up Coast radio and there was a lot to look at. I had a quick look at Facebook. Found some names of people I know, but I didn't sign in, as I don't agree with putting private info on the web for all to see.

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