Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exercise # 22 social networking and libraries

I was very surprised to learn that libraries use myspace. It would never have crossed my mind!
I looked into several libraries to see what their sites were like. Some seemed very busy with lots to choose from. Others just didn't appear at all - maybe I am on at a busy time.
I am aware that young people are into all this social networking, particularly from the comfort of their home, where they have privacy. There is good and bad about the issue - parents cannot always be aware of the sites their children are going into, and there are risks with some sites.
However, getting back to libraries - if they were to publicise themselves on this site, more children and teenagers may discover everything that is happening at their local library and also all the information that is available online. The homework centre would no doubt be well used.
Maybe there would be good attendances for teenage book launching too.
Sitting inside chatting on a computer seems to be a popular thing nowadays, but I prefer real books and real people in the fresh air when possible.

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